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Conversations and Insights From Two Veteran Healing Leaders…

Hear conversations and insights from two veteran healing leaders in Healing Unplugged. Bill Johnson and Randy Clark are known for their powerful healing ministry – but it wasn’t always that way. In this behind-the-scenes look at their spiritual journeys, they share candid interviews with one another, showing why they began a healing ministry, the breakthrough experiences that propelled them, the amazing miracles they’ve witnessed, and the lessons that helped them grow.

For the first time, in candid interviews with one another, they reveal how and why they first got into healing ministry; the breakthrough experiences that propelled them; the lessons that helped them grow over the years; how they learned–through trial and error–to see what the Father is doing in each situation; and the most amazing miracles they’ve seen.

Inspiring, informative, unique, and vulnerable, this book contains material not previously taught on or talked about by either leader. Including specialized and detailed insights about healing, Bill and Randy give a rare and fascinating glimpse into the startup, failures, and successes of a life devoted to healing prayer.


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